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Brand Jordan 2015 can be described as fruitful, with the rapid development of the brand, according to Fortune reports, its sales volume even more than the Nike second quarter sales performance. And based on the excellent performance, Nike is also determined to increase investment to the brand, plans to continue to foster Jordan Brand brand development, looking for more emerging markets and will be extended to other product lines, target in 2020 reached $45 billion in sales, when Jordan Brand can not what they wish to accomplish a goal, we may as well wait and see. source: Fortuneif you have miss both a brisk Air Force 1 cooperation and regret, so now not because of now, Nike released a large enough to provoke you to buy Air Force 1. These amazing styles will not just "color" so simple, they will include leather printing with 3M reflective elements all desert camouflage camouflage, Navy, and tiger camouflage jungle camouflage and other full of "wild", see the amazing degree will surpass the months of any pair of Air Force 1 from the vision. We can even see Supreme and UNDEFEATED even Carhartt cooperation section of the charm... Surprisingly, these shoes will also include the iD option, and you can make these AF1 more personal. it is reported that this "wild" Air Force 1 series, will be landing in October 13th from the global Nike official website, like friends, please prepare in 2 days. The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? is set to return in 2015. The last time the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? released was back in April 14th, 20 Retro jordans for sale 01. Advertisment This Air Jordan 11 Low will feature a similar color scheme as the original release and will come in sizes that will go from 3 ?C 9.5. The size system for GS models in 2015 will be available all the way up to sizes 9.5, but if the shoe is not a GS the size system will remain the same 3.5 ?C 7. That means that if you??re someone (mens sizes) who was unable to cop these back in 2001 and wear a smaller shoe size, then in 2015 you might have a chance to fit your foot into the newly released Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS ??Citrus?? colorway. The shoe is fully dressed in a White and Citrus color scheme. Featuring an all-White smooth leather upper with Citrus accents on the tongue tag, back heel and translucent outsole. Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS Citrus 2015 Release Date Check out the additional detailed photos of the kids?? Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? below that will be available in gradeschool to toddler sizes running up to a size 9.5Y on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $120 USD. Let us know in the comments section if you??re happy to see these return in the new GS-size system and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop. Air Jordan 11 Low GS ??Citrus?? White/White-Citrus 580521-139 June 20, 2015 $120 RELATED: Air Jordan Release Dates Source: TitoloRecently, the fashion students from the Opening Ceremony of New York issued the latest shoes with Vans cooperation. In Authentic series as a spindle, made of canvas shoes are made in black and white, black gold jordan 3 katrina 2018 color as the main theme, with the iconic waffle outsole, but striking is integrated into the shoe as "Hands Laced" shown in hand strange pattern in hand consisting of interest, and sketched out a little weird and humorous like pattern. Reportedly, the Vans shoes are now available at the official website on sale, priced at 70 dollars. Japan fashion brand Nepenthes Branch South West 8 has been focused in outdoor style bag designs, and engineered garments of clothing coincide. Brand recently made a new attempt to apply the "AND BIKE FISH" as the theme, the production of a series of Sweat Crew and Hoody. With the color of black, gray based, printed on its original Graphic patterns, including "AND BIKE FISH", "South 2 West 8", "Deer X-ray", "Fish X-ray" and so on. With the brand in the past fishing clothing and caps, easily make different from mountain style. source: HYPEBEASTChinese shoes Network November 17 hearing, when China has become Nike's second-largest consumer market in the world, Nike has to face not only how to win in the market competition, the low cost of "Made in China" in the Nike how to maintain "social citizenship" image has become the focus of public attention. many problems recently exposed foundry Nike, Nike is undoubtedly a huge challenge. [a typical case] For families of employees to Nike "to say" Li Xuebin (sound), one of Asia's largest hat factory - - Zhongshan Wei Li Textile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Wei Li) of an ordinary worker, by the end of April this year, Li Xuebin accidental death outside the factory. In pre Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale paration for the funeral, when families found Li Xuebin, Lih does not pay social insurance Li Xuebin, this also means that the claims of the families should be appropriate only got more than ten thousand yuan pension. Li Xuebin not individual examples Wei Li, the "Daily Economic News" The survey found that after a few days, do not pay social insurance, overtime and other phenomena exist in this large hat plants. Quite evocative yes, Lih has been a qualified Nike contract factories. Li Xuebin of families that, in the matter of Nike can not shirk its responsibility. August 20 this year, Li Xuebin's family sent a letter to Nike's US headquarters, but until now, Nike has been unable to give a clear view aspect. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; As of press time reporter, Li Xuebin families are still running around, they want to Nike third party "to have a say, not for the money." agency has pointed out Lih problem "our hands are not even contract." Li Xuebin the families of the "Daily News" said that even if the employment relationship with Wei Li Li Xuebin fact exist, but labor the contract has been in the factory hands. It is worth mentioning that the third party in the investigation of previous employment status Wei Li, and had raised the issue of employees unable to hold labor contracts. But after more than a year later, the situation is not improved. headquartered in the United States, China Labor Watch released in August last year, "Report on Wei Li Textile Co., Ltd." noted Lih exist "is not factory labor contracts and employees each holding a pa jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black rts, but by the factory to take custody of the two; workers usually work time is 11 hours a day, six days a week for the system, the face of the peak season will be more extended working time; wages are two according to the piece and timing calculated to issue, but most workers are piecework; factory will provide accommodation and food conditions for its employees, subject to deduction of certain costs from employee wages, food and the staff reflect the quality to be improved; production site for employee safety protection no strict rules, some workers insecurity exist "in the production process and other issues. For third-party agencies and internal staff to reflect all the "illegal" phenomenon, Nike aspects of why never noticed? "Nike each faction past auditors, but also many factory manager was arranged to entertainment, tourism went." According to have told reporters rebellion before Nike foundry executives said, although the employment situation regularly checks the Nike contract factories , but for various reasons, the auditor more to be "blinded," he says Nike exist "loophole" in the audit. [Scene Investigation] or up to 112 hours of overtime per month November 14, "Daily News" reporter went to Wei Li company is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province three township, a distance of Sun Yat-sen's hometown Tsuiheng just half an hour's drive of the 170,000 population of small towns. Now is the production season, even on weekends, Lih workers still work properly. In the factory gate, recruitment in full swing, when the reporter to the buy cheap jordans online identity of the candidates to ask a man Lih HR work in the process, suddenly, a woman slightly reluctantly said: "You can also right, is to work until 11:00. " "We work overtime every day, Monday to Friday evenings from 6:30 to about 9:30 of overtime, leisure time 9:30 work, busy time to go to even two or three, only the day shift Saturday night, not Overtime, Sunday sometimes have to work overtime. "Wei Li hat factory of two young women said they where Cap Factory is Lih's most busy factory, overtime phenomenon is more serious. According to their statement, the plant overtime a month per employee may have reached 112 hours. "state overtime not more than 36 hours a month, but the terms of the provisions of the Nike workers in less than 104 hours of overtime per month plants are considered to cross the border." He had engaged in human resource management in Nike foundry Informed sources said. reporter to the identity of the Nike contract factory workers to social responsibility department Nike Southern Region asked regarding overtime, this department staff, said: "Working in 11 hours or less a day are in line with the provisions." In the previous Nike Social Responsibility Report published clearly states: "Prior to 2011, Nike contract factories eradicate the phenomenon of excessive overtime." This also means that Nike is aware of this long-standing issue. Some employees did not pay social insurance After paying the social security, the spread of multiple versions of the argument. "I still did not buy social security, ah, no one to check or f jordans on sale online orced to buy." Hatting a factory in Lih work a year or so female employees admitted that the company will ask either to buy insurance, but as long as Buy yourself say it, you do not need to sign any responsibility. "in general is not required to work six months ago to buy the social security, because this time the work is not stable, if social security resign not go to waste. And buy the full six months would require social security." Wei Li, a deputy head of the company's factory, told reporters that the case did not buy long working hours have a little social security exists, it is because some employees really do not want to buy. "in accordance with" the provisions of Labor Law ", regardless of voluntary or not to buy insurance companies do not want to buy insurance for their employees, Lih companies have a responsibility and obligation to enforce employees to purchase workers' compensation and pension and other social insurance; and Nike as a global enterprise, in recent years the annual social responsibility report, it should also take the initiative to improve and check Partners Lih welfare of the company's employees. "He Zonggui Guangdong Laowei Lawyer representation. Nike Social Responsibility department, he said: "From 2008 onwards, each plant are gradually improve the situation, the gradual purchase social insurance for employees." (Qushu Hong interns also contributed to this article) [depth analysis] low cost test Nike's social responsibility "getting lower purchase price, if you want to ensure profits only from this hard labor cheap air jordans costs, basic wages can not be changed, can only make the appropriate adjustments in the insurance and other benefits and pay for performance." Nike generation plant HR person in charge of the "Daily Economic News" revealed its "management by", "On the surface, the decline in employee benefits is our factory's fault, in fact the source of the brands." "Once the problem has been found in the media, Nike, the first thing to do is to stop to the next factory orders, which are never investigated Whose responsibility is relatively large." The person in charge, in order to continue to meet Nike's orders, many factory "forced to" cook the books deal with Nike aspects of the audit. According to Lih Hatting staff said, where he plants a total of 500 people, divided into 6 groups, if you work until 20:00 daily average output of a group of 1,300 to 1,500 hat, the staff average wage of between 1,200 to 1,300 yuan . Even so, the average daily wage per employee is about 42 yuan, according to the average daily production of about 17 per hat calculations per hat wages of only 2.5 yuan. 98% of Nike's products are produced in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, Nike in 52 countries and regions, employs nearly 800,000 workers. Nike's full-year 2008 revenues of $ 18.627 billion, gross margin reached 45%. And in the high margin, it is getting low purchase price. According to authoritative sources, the market price of 98 yuan of Nike brand sports caps, the purchase price is usually 5,6 yuan, "up to $ 1." In raw materials, labor costs are getting high, Nike not o air jordan 11 space jam for sale nly failed to improve the purchase price, are still lower prices, "in the footwear sector, China's suppliers has been no bargaining power due to the production processes more low-profit, in the first half of this year, or even shut down the only Nike in China a footwear foundry. " Links Nike: the last review found no irregularities Lih November 16, "Daily News" reporter went to the Zhongshan Wei Li Textile Co., Ltd. were positive interview, the case did not buy the social security for the part of the staff, serious overtime, the company management at the occasion of Hu Bing to not receive Nike and other interviews to inform customers and Area propaganda department refused an interview, also refused to answer these questions. The company belongs to the jurisdiction of Lih labor department, Zhongshan City township of Labor and Social Security Bureau official who declined to give any details. When a reporter to Lih employee identity to Zhongshan Labor and Social Security Bureau to make a complaint on the above issues, the petition desk employee told reporters, Lih company is not part of the employees to purchase insurance, more than 36 hours of overtime practices already illegal, He suggested that reporters complete a "visitor registration form", labor and social security departments will be resolved in 30 working days. November 16, Nike spokesman Zhu nearly Qian pointed out that in September last year, Zhongshan Weili's audit did not find these problems. This seems to imply, a single in the employment context, Lih still qualified Nike factories. cheap foamposites social responsibility report, Nike released Nike that "we encourage contract factories of these cases have a certain predictable, and with us actively address potential problems of excessive overtime, we can cooperate and factories, re arrange the order, allowing delayed delivery, or in limited circumstances, under strict monitoring and reporting conditions, allowed to work more than 240 hours short time, in the face of situations require additional work hours, the factory management must obtain advance Nike license, proof of management has been planned to work overtime in order to minimize the impact on workers. "Xiao Bian has always felt that low-key things always show a mysterious and deep connotation, flavor, always worth people to deliberate, to repeat the taste. The new color of Nike's Air Huarache Light to create innovative shoes is a low color to black, grey suede cloth shoes collocation form overall, upper supporting use of lightweight materials to build the bottom and bottom in the collocation of a mark. The shoes are light, comfortable and fashionable. more Air Huarache info if you have friends, tide different views on this, or do you think he is of the opinion leaders in the field of new in order to be different, we may wish to tide to view your community; knock! Refuse to debate! -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the jordans on sale mens 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! 2014 Chinese designer's top ten single products said, "we don't play football, I know, but I don't understand the trend. I've died with you, ." Nicholas Tse's favorite is not Faye Wong, but this one...... By the end of , the /1626 tide community was finally on the inside! can play the trend / Black sergeant at the age of 30 we talk about him with the tide brand can play what? - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Sneaker benefits! black theme month AJ1! Hypebeast on Jordan Brand, 2015 spring new preview New Balance, test the water bike area, put on good shoes, ride your car to carry sister! ! colorful ! Nike continues to cheer for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil a month later, bringing Air Max, Motion, NSW, CITY, QS, [RIO] shoes. Turn Rio De Janeiro's unique passion into colorful blue, green and gray colors in your shoes. The upper is made of tightly punched woven material, with a transparent, full sole air cushioned sole from blue to fluorescent yellow, dotted with blue, swoosh, and blue interior details. It is reported that the shoes will be sold at designated stores such as Overkill in May 9th, and friends like to pay attention to it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- 25 /adidas Originals ZX FLUX masterpiece anniversary release real map / Nike Kobe 8 final chapter magic star / Nike Penny "shooting star" set project / global gym name magnifier special anatomy / dark night assault, luminous shoes that can't stop at all, dazzling street shoes, New Balance 574, retro new color, PUMA Blaze, of, Glory, OG, first year color matching comments on last article: dazzling street shoes New Balance 574 next article: Retro new color, PUMA, Blaze, of, Glory, OG, the first year of colorNike Roshe Run "Dynamic Flywire" series released 2013-12-08 23:10:25 In addition to the endless stream of new colors, popular shoes & nbsp; Nike Roshe Run has officially released the loading & nbsp; dynamic range Dynamic Flywire fly line technology. The release of the series contains three different colors, this & nbsp; Nike Roshe Run & nbsp; originally Jiaogan it is very outstanding, this time once again to load dynamic fly line, but will greatly enhance the parcel, played a sense of menace . before the famous team HaveAir Customs customized sneakers for us to bring a new customized products, the designers selected to Air & nbsp; Jordan 1 was modeled to well-known brand The Gold Gods necklace as a source of inspiration. Black shoes for the tone, the choice of gold detail, to shoes to create a good atmosphere of street fashion, and through a special build of a shoebox, the use of The Gold Gods of Logo rendering inspired theme. Nike Air Trainer Huarache new colors now available 2014-12-19 17:00:29 A few days ago again for its classic shoes Nike Air Trainer Huarache released one pair of the latest color, overwhelmed by the designer to create a dark blue suede material shoes, gray with bright yellow modified details, but also brings color shoes sense of contrast on the whole masculine shoes full, perfectly demonstrated its own proper character, and decorated gauze mesh uppers, shoes adds more mysterious meaning. It is reported that the shoes have landed some of the designated retail sale, priced at $ 125, interested friends may wish to look at it. & nbsp; Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" or the sale 2014-02-24 21:01:08 This pair of red dotted Air Jordan 3 "Katrina" was originally intended to commemorate Hurricane Katrina in 2006 and the birth of the deceased, after a limited auctions donations. Recently there are rumors that this color will be listed for sale on March 8 this year, priced at $ 170, this way is very much worth the wait.Hello, welcome to the sports assistant, here every day will share the latest sports news, star gossip. Favorite sports buddies have to pay more attention to oh! Here's a look at what today to bring you exciting content! Jordan, known as the greatest basketball player, nicknamed "the trapeze". Xiao Bian today will take you to see Jordan 5 classic lore ball! 1, the 1988 dunk contest, Jordan took off from the free throw line, staged one of the most classic dunk out of history. 2, the 1987 all star dunk contest, Jordan dedication stretch dunk. 3, May 7, 1989, VS bull rider fifth battle, Jordan Knight players head Helu he dropped into a career best known for a buzzer 4 1998, the sixth game of the finals, Jordan Akira Russell, gave the game winner, also known as the "The Last Shot". Jordan used the jumper to send home to Sir . 5 4, 1992 the second round of the playoffs, Jordan faced Nicks classic fadeaway shot. Jordan series of games are 31.3 points, Dan is God, because the 90s belongs to him, and every time the game key, he will use his iconic action tongue to tell you the answer. The total champion, MVP, he influenced a whole generation of people with these honors, that other sports enthusiasts, just watched Jordan take the sport of basketball art to new heights. is the sports assistant for the wonderful content you bring, if you remember to pay attention to oh we love! "BB" opening practices Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo spy watch a lot of .Now it finally released! To the sale of ! The sale of ! two brand again together to engage in things for this color and shape How do you ? It is reported that the domestic sale of , the time and place for: 5 1 to 3 Shanghai NikeLab X158 and Beijing NikeLab DSM With this arrangement and I am helpless ah no big legs small also did not expect to handle Air ah! so in the capital and Shanghai friends you will start? OK, here is a look at the answer The answer 1.Russell Westbrook//Air Jordan 30.5 2.Kevin Durant//Nike KD9 Elite 3.Paul George//Nike PG 1 4.Kyrie Irving//Nike Kyrie 3 5.Stephen Curry//UnderArmour curry 3ZERO 6.Klay Thompson//ANTA KT2 Post 7.LeBron James//Nike LeBron 14 8.C.J. McCollum //Nike Hyperdunk 2016 9.Andre Iguodala//Nike Kobe A.D. 10.P.J. Tucker//Nike Zoom Kobe VI 11.Draymond Green//Nike zoom Rev 2017 12.Chris Paul//Jordan CP3.X AE 13.Norman Powell//Nike Kobe A.D. 14.Rodney Hood// Nike Kobe 11 Elite 15.Markieff Morris//Nike Foamposite Pro Tan〉 "